Sound BlasterX Celebrates DreamHack Summer 2016!

Sound BlasterX Celebrates DreamHack Summer 2016!

Jönköping, Sweden – With DreamHack Summer 2016 behind us,  we return to this space with a look back at the weekend spent in Jönköping, Sweden! From 18 June to 21 June, our Sound BlasterX team was joined by our valuable teams, CompLexity and Epsilon in all the action!

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The event had been quite a blast, with overwhelming  interest from the crowd! Plus, we were lucky to have spontaneous fans who were willing to do push-ups, star jumps, blow up inflatable pillows and even DANCED – all for a Sound BlasterX T-shirt/pillow!

Some of the fans even took up a notch with placing a tattoo on their faces and parts of their body, just to win awesome prizes from us!


For this, we’d like to extend our big word of thanks to all who came down to support us at the booth in DreamHack. For those who have missed the action, here are the highlights from the largest digital festival in the world.