Sound Blaster goes MEGA at the PAX PRIME 2013 Indie MEGABOOTH

Sound Blaster goes MEGA at the PAX PRIME 2013 Indie MEGABOOTH

PAX Prime is one of the largest gaming festivals in North America. This year will bring over 70,000 people from around the world together in downtown Seattle to participate in panels, shows, and parties that celebrate gaming culture. Stretching from August 30th to September 2nd the four day convention includes everyone from console manufacturers to AAA game developers, and even table-top enthusiasts.

Indie Megabooth


Indie MEGABOOTH is a collection of independent game developers who have teamed up to bring indie games to the main floor of large conventions. With 5,400 square feet of booth space this year’s MEGABOOTH is the largest space at PAX Prime, and will showcase 88 developers and 80+ games. A wide range of genres and platforms will be demoed: from RTS to rhythm, and from mobile to Playstation4.


Sound Blaster is going MEGA this year at PAX by sponsoring the the Indie MEGABOOTH. We have stocked the space with Sound Blaster hardware and technology to bring professional audio to indie developers. Stop by any booth in the MEGABOOTH to demo some of the convention’s most impressive games on our hardware.


FIND Sound Blaster at every booth in the Indie MEGABOOTH this year at PAX PRIME 2013.Indie locations