New Addition to the Sound BlasterX Pro-Gaming Series – Sound BlasterX G1 Thumb-sized USB Sound Card with True 7.1 HD Surround

New Addition to the Sound BlasterX Pro-Gaming Series – Sound BlasterX G1 Thumb-sized USB Sound Card with True 7.1 HD Surround

Singapore – Creative Technology Ltd today announced the
Sound BlasterX G1, a thumb-sized USB gaming sound card for serious gamers on the go. Designed to be an easy and cost-effective solution to upgrade basic on-board audio and for users to enjoy consistent hi-res audio no matter where they are gaming, the Sound BlasterX G1 accepts native 7.1 channel input signals to deliver true 7.1 surround sound on PC for realistic virtualization of gaming effects and audio cues with perfect accuracy and positioning.

Compatible with all analog headsets and earbuds, the Sound BlasterX G1 features a headphone amplifier that delivers powerful, high-resolution 24-bit/96kHz 7.1 positional audio. The Sound BlasterX G1 also comes with the BlasterX Acoustic Engine Pro application for PC that allows users to fully customize their audio as well as create optimized audio profiles. Designed with gamers in mind, 17 preset game audio profiles enhance gaming audio with immersive surround, bass boost and added clarity while the proprietary Scout Mode technology lets users hear their enemies before their enemies hear them, giving them a distinct tactical advantage on the battlefield. Apart from software enhancements, users can also program the sound signature of the G1 on a hardware level to X-Plus Signature which intelligently decreases distractions and accentuates essential audio details that do matter in games. When paired with the popular Sound BlasterX H5headset, gamers can enjoy the same audio signature wherever the tournament is, without having to worry about software installation.

The Sound BlasterX G1 USB sound card, which works with PC, Mac® and PlayStation® 4, provides the easiest, portable plug-and-play upgrade from basic, built-in motherboard or console audio to the award-winning Sound Blaster audio. With Sound BlasterX G1, users can enjoy high-definition audio wherever they go, and experience fantastic 3D true-to-life surround sound in games and movies on their PC.

Key features of the Sound BlasterX G1 include:

  • True 7.1 HD Surround SoundCapable of decoding native 7.1 channel input signals on PC platform, Sound BlasterX G1 offers true 7.1 surround sound in high resolution for unparalleled virtualization of gaming effects and audio cues with perfect accuracy and realistic positioning.
  • BlasterX Acoustic Engine Pro Application for PCBlasterX Acoustic Engine Pro offers users an unprecedented level of audio customization and realism. It increases clarity, expands the virtual surround spaciousness, and boosts bass power, allowing users to enjoy cinema-quality sound in the comfort of their home. 17 preset audio profiles enhance crucial audio details in different game genres, including profiles dedicated for Counter-Strike®: Global Offensive, Call of Duty® Series, Dota® 2 and more, giving gamers an added advantage.
  • Scout ModeActivate Scout Mode through the BlasterX Acoustic Engine Pro application to hear enemies from further away and gain a distinct tactical advantage in combat.
  • X-Plus Signature for Sound BlasterX H5 headsetProgram the Sound BlasterX G1 with customized sound signatures for various competitive games, using the X-Plus Configurator application, for an advantage over your opponents when paired with the Sound BlasterX H5 headset. The unique sound signature settings are programmed into the G1 so that users do not have to worry about software installations while on the go and at tournaments.
  • High-Resolution Playback and RecordingsUSB connectivity allows for high-resolution playback up to 24-bit/96kHz playback and recordings up to 24-bit/48kHz for quality podcasts and video conferencing on PC/Mac.
  • Headphone Amplifier with Low 2.2 Ω Output ImpedanceSound BlasterX G1 is capable of driving gaming headsets and sensitive in-ears from 16Ω to 300Ω with full and detailed clarity.
  • Creative ALchemyCreative ALchemy software restores surround sound for legacy game titles.
  • OpenAL SupportA cross-platform 3D Audio API that unlocks the full potential of Sound Blaster sound cards. EAX Advanced HD 5.0 for games allows simultaneous recreation of multiple environments.