Matteo & “White99” – the Community Showcase #1

Matteo & “White99” – the Community Showcase #1

In Sound Blaster’s Community Showcase, we pay tribute to artistes’ passion and energy that shine through their works.

We had a chat with Matteo Schürmann, an emerging designer who has an eye for details that left us speechless with his “White99” case mod. Read on for more…

What got you started with PC modding?

I love PCs since I got my first one about 11 years ago. It’s always a great feeling to get new hardware, unbox it and put it into the system.

My first case mod was about 2 years ago when I bought a whole custom water cooling for my CPU. Well this wasn’t really a case mod, I only drilled some holes but it was something I never did before with my computer. A year later I wanted to change something and with the release of Nvidia’s new GPU lineup I got a new graphics card and integrated it into my loop. With the help of a friend I made a PSU cover and a reservoir holder and after a long day of work the inside of the case looked much better than before.

What was the motivation and inspiration for this project from?

I wanted to upgrade my system this year, the i5-2500k I had was great, but I needed more cores. About 6 months ago I got the attention of EK Water Blocks and they offered to support me. At first I wanted to do a black-yellow build using an MSI motherboard but I ended up buying one from ASUS. At this point in time I saw some great mods from Richard Keirsgieter who inspired me a lot.

Now I finished my first own project and there will be many more in the future.

Are there any specific details on the rig that you really want to point out?

This mod has many details I could point out. I already did a little tutorial about my light panels – the sLights – which you can find on my facebook page. But there’s one thing everyone can do very easily, modding the Soundblaster Z. I wanted to keep this card but the red cover just didn’t fit the rest of the build so I needed to change this.

Sound Blaster Z

I unscrewed the cover, pushed the little acrylic circle out and cleaned the cover with alcohol. After that I used primer and some white paint we still had at home. Now I only had to wait a few hours and assemble the card again.

The attention to detail for this mod is sublime; can you tell us your tricks to achieving those?

Thank you. Most important to me is that everything is well planned before I start working on it. A good example are the sLights I already mentioned. At first I measured the whole case and made some sketches. Next step was to create 3D models with a CAD program.

Sound Blaster Z mod

I know not many people are able to use them but even with good hand drawings and some help of other people you’ll get great results. The final step was to find someone with a CNC which isn’t really a problem, just look for a local firm or people who offer case modding, you find many of them on facebook.

Always have in mind what it should look like when it’s finished. Sometimes I disassemble the whole build just to take a detailed look at something. Take your time to make everything as perfect as possible.

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