FullSpectrum™ Audio Drivers – Insights

FullSpectrum™ Audio Drivers – Insights

If you use headphones while gaming, your headphones take care of the audio portion of entertainment for an overall enjoyment.

You could be role playing as a First-Person Shooter (FPS) in a multi-player environment, or an infrastructure of a civilization. The last thing you want is to lose your sense of hearing to important cues in the game, such as low rumblings of a tank engine, and place yourself at a disadvantage!
FullSpectrum Audio Drivers

Sound Blaster gaming headsets employ FullSpectrum™ Audio drivers, a combination of technology coupled with quality audio drivers to deliver an assured, realistic experience – the way you are supposed to hear in the game and how the designers intended for it to sound.

Neodymium Audio Drivers

FullSpectrum™ headsets utilize Neodymium audio drivers are typically smaller and lighter than normal iron-ferrite drivers at the same flux density.

Therefore, the headset is light and this is very important for extended gaming sessions.  With the reduction in size, it expands the size of the acoustic chamber, thus better optimized. Also, they are generally more sensitive and powerful, which translates into loudness and lower distortion. For wireless gaming headsets such as the Sound Blaster EVO ZxR, they also translate into longer battery life.

Having quality components are just part of the whole package. The typical human hearing ranges from 20 Hz to 20 kHz. That means the headset should be able to reproduce the full range of sounds and audio cues as well. You wouldn’t use a headset that cannot replicate grenade explosions, would you?

Tactic Profile Control Panel
To achieve that, adequate audio tuning for such headsets is very important lest you want to have muddy bass or distorting highs without clarity. A general baseline is set to let users personalize the audio, via our TacticProfiles  that are already tuned specifically for different genres, or customize it via the Graphical Equalizer and SBX suite of effects processing. Now, you can create the sound you like to hear, with pristine audio clarity for an all-encompassing audio experience.