Sensitive FullSpectrum™ Audio Drivers


Sound is the ultimate weapon you need to have. Every detail matters in your gameplay – even it’s down to the subtlest of audio cues such as your enemies’ unseen footsteps, rustling foliage and more.

FullSpectrum drivers are defined by their ability to deliver sonic accuracy and clarity. At a minimum, only those capable of reproducing all sounds in the human hearing range (20Hz – 20 kHz) with clarity are utilized– so you won’t miss out on any audio cue.

This results in better positional audio, allowing you to experience greater awareness of potential dangers lurking in your vicinity. Thanks to the FullSpectrum Drivers, they feed you with audio cues that improve your overall awareness in-game.

*FullSpectrum Drivers are utilised across all BlasterX headsets. 

Noise-cancelling Microphone

Noise-cancelling Microphone

If you’re in a team gameplay, you need to communicate effectively. An omni-directional microphone improves the quality of the communication among your team players. Set up your game for the maximum competitive advantage by keeping your team players together with the right audio commands – clear and accurate to win your battle!

Ported and Closed Headphone Design


Closed Port

The Sound BlasterX H7 and H5 headsets are built with this design language in mind: a ported and closed headphone design that isolates you from the outside world. Like your bass deep, tight and punchy? With strategically ports located within the headset, the driver is able to reproduce deeper bass from a smaller enclosure, like no other.

In other words, our headsets are capable of replicating the full gaming experience, from the low rumbling bass to gun explosions without compromising on the audio fidelity.

*The ported and closed headphone design is found exclusively in the Sound BlasterX H7 and H5 models.