Steel Headband and Aluminum Architecture

We selected ultra-light materials yet they can withstand the tough requirements of a gaming world so you can game for hours. The lightweight steel headband is ready for anything.

Steel Headband & Aluminum Architecture

For a personality that’s built to last, the sturdy steel architecture of the headband lets you flex and twist any way you like without breaking. Aluminum alloy is also used on each side of the ear cups to improve the overall robustness and rigidity.

*The steel headband and aluminum architecture are found exclusively in the Sound BlasterX H7 & H5 models.

Braided Audio Cable

Braided Cables

As a finishing touch to any premium headset, the audio cables are wrapped in nylon braided sleeves to protect against potential cables snags, lesser tangling and resists cable abrasion over time.

*Braided audio cables are utilised across all BlasterX headsets.