Iterations of design for the best fit

BlasterX Design

We want to create a headset for the gamer who utilizes their tools for extended hours. Every detail of the design is carefully considered, to make the headset your preferred choice. The design philosophy prides on the ergonomics and overall comfort of the headset, so you can focus on your game in comfort – so good, you forget you’re wearing them.

Memory Foam Ear Pads

BlasterX Earcup Design

Different strokes for different folks. The ear pads are made from memory foam that contours to the shape of your head for better fit and better noise isolation over time.  They guarantee better seals for your ear as compared to traditional foam pads because they mold better to your head. Plus, the oval design sits atop the whole ear as compared to circular headphone design.

Protein leather, used in all our over-ear gaming headsets, has excellent elasticity to realize a level of comfort demanded by pro-gamers. It is also very durable that can withstand scratches and also require low maintenance.



Tilt Driver Implementation

Tilt Driver Design

These ergonomically designed headsets employ a tilt driver implementation that shapes the contours of your ears for a comfortable fit. Most importantly, there’s greater comfort, with more room for your ears.

*The tilt driver implementation can be found exclusively in the Sound BlasterX H7 and H5 models.