“ EVO provides me the flexibility I need
when I'm chilling on roofs.
It enhances the sense of freedom I derive from
being high up there. ”

– Andrew Tso
Rooftopper / Photographer

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Sound Blaster EVO headsets are
the next generation of audio technology.

With the legacy of Sound Blaster integrated into each headset
EVO users are able to enjoy a consistent and entirely personalized
audio experience regardless of which platform they’re connected to.

Personalize your commute playlist by tweaking the EQ curve on your Samsung Galaxy S4 or optimize SBX Surround for your iPad action movie binge.

#wechooseEVO showcases a collective of people who demand the best in audio
and believe technology should improve their daily lives.

With over 25 years of experience in entertainment audio and more than 400 million
Sound Blaster products sold, we choose EVO. How about you?


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