Gaming isn’t just fun, it’s an expression and a way of life! Here at Sound BlasterX, as fellow gamers, we are now seeking like-minded individuals to come forward and be a part of our community, the #XTeam. If you have a flair for Twitch streaming or making YouTube gaming videos, we want you! Being a part of the #Xteam means you’ll get to rock out to your favourite games and pwn noobs with our latest pro-gaming gear and if we really like your face style, we’ll even grant you access to our inner circle where you’ll get to be among the first in the world to experiment with unreleased products and assist us with beta testing that shapes the future of both our hardware and software. Hell, we’ll even drag you to events and parties with us if you’re badass enough. Sounds fun?



Nuff said, you snooze, you lose!