compLexity is a constant driving force in multiple competitive gaming scenes worldwide. In the past 13 years, the teams and players have amassed over 120 major championship wins and have been featured in outlets including Sports Illustrated, The Wall Street Journal, and The Today Show. But their long history and numerous achievements are only part of what makes compLexity so powerful.

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I use Creative products because I know at Creative they are about quality first. The headset is made to last, and the directional audio is top tier. Their support has always helped me quickly with any issues I’ve encountered using any of their products. I trust when the game is on the line that Creative products will perform.

– Dephh

Creative headsets are my choice because they provide quality sound with a perfect level of noise cancellation, filtering background noise without completely removing my surroundings, often the roar of a crowd.

– Kyle ‘swindlezz’ Freedman

Epsilon eSports was founded in 2008 with the goal of becoming a symbol in the world of eSports. Since that day, our organization has obtained the best possible results in games such as CounterStrike: Source, Enemy Territory, Call of Duty 4, Battlefield 2 & 3, Battlefield Bad Company 2, Shootmania, & Team Fortress 2.

Present everywhere in Europe, our organization touts itself as being highly international as we join players and members from over 20 different nations. With this strong presence in many countries, our organization offers to its players the opportunity to showcase their talent world-wide and benefit from the name Epsilon eSports during their participation at the most important competitions in the world, regardless whether it’s online or on-site. All of our players are bound by contract to our organization, allowing them to evolve in a stable environment combining professionalism and quality performance.

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